Artist Statement

In my life, I have been a fine artist, painter of bodies & canvases, a silversmith, goldsmith, henna artist, beadworker, adventurer, collage artist, wife & mother, teacher, maker of fairy wings, graphic designer, batik artist, felter, embroiderer, tarot reader, set designer, crocheter, hat maker, fire spinner, art director, stage manager, clothing designer, dancer, drummer and joyful soul.

I wear many hats… and I can juggle them, too. This diversity of interests informs all of my artistic endeavors; as does my love of color, texture, emotion and movement. To me, art is a conversation & a dance.

My art is a mixed media collaboration and layering of styles & techniques, including:
acrylic, oil & watercolor paints, glazes, encaustic, ink, stamping, paint markers, block printing, collage, found poetry, photography and digital art.

I see my work as funky, bright, hopeful, whimsical & fun. It is, at once, both expansive and contained.


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